Mark Waninger - Jamestown In

With the experience gained from more than 20 years in the business of providing custom radius mill work for elite homes in central Indiana, Mark finds those same skills to be very beneficial in creating this artwork. Whether designing and building the crown moulding for arch-topped kitchen cabinets, or fitting the small segments together to construct the vessels, the demand for precision joinery is the same. The knowledge of how to construct and work with curves of varying shapes and dimensions is basically the same applied concept, whether the end result is a radius oak staircase or a candy dish. The segments of different types of wood are carefully fitted together to form the rough shape of each piece of artwork. The final shape is obtained by cutting away the excess material using hand-held cutters and scrapers, as the form spins on the lathe. The type of finish is selected, based on the expected use of the piece. Several coats are applied to obtain the desired final appearance.





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