Kenny Pieper - Burnsville NC

"My work is a celebration of traditional techniques, opulent colors and classical forms." Kenny Pieper has spent the past 26 years experimenting and perfecting his glassblowing techniques. He is deeply moved by the entire process of the medium and relishes each chance to work with fire and glass in its liquid state. The jewel-like qualities of glass and its luminosity influence and intrigue him. His goblets and vases, while celebrating function, also convey the elegance, beauty, and harmony that he cherishes. Pieper uses the same techniques as master glassblowers used centuries ago. In his Primavera series, he plunges a hot bubble of colored glass into water that contains the raw chemicals of glass. This results in a web-like crackle pattern. He also experiments with a variety of chemicals, melting and mixing his own colors which are a rare palette of vibrant red and gold.





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