Sara Nikitopoulus - Brentwood MD

My studio practice stems from a lifelong curiosity of the natural world and the intrinsic connection between art and science. Both mediums are driven by an intense desire to understand, and through experimentation offer a new perspective on the world around us. My work utilizes crystalline glazes, porcelain, stoneware, rocks, and other natural materials; each contributing unique results, and often in tension with one another, but in the end all operating together in harmony – borrowing from the Japanese sensibility of aesthetic in regards to finding beauty in simplicity and natural imperfections. Complete control is never achieved, but situations can be set up to mimic naturally occurring processes and coax certain results to transpire. This way of working embraces an openness to unforeseen outcomes; always moving forward with new questions and new ideas, building upon previous work while exploring the unknown. Striving to produce pieces that borrow from the natural world yet exist as something completely distinct, I hope to inspire in viewers the same sort of awe and reverence that I have.





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