Hideaki Miyamura - Kensington NH

Hideaki Miyamura is a Japanese American artist based in New Hampshire. He was educated at Western Michigan University, then completed an apprenticeship with Japanese Master Potter Shurei Miura.Miyamura's porcelain pieces reflect a fusion of Eastern and Western ceramic forms and traditions. His work is influenced by Scandinavian ceramic asethetics. The use of crystalline elements in the glazes is European, but the traditional Tenmoku black glaze is rooted in Chinese forms. The Yohen Tenmoku is aptly translated as "stars glistening in a starry night." The vessels themselves are objects of perfection and the glazes match their simple elegance.  "Over the last 15 years, I have tested over 13,000 glazes. All the glazes I use are my own discoveries. I am constantly in search of new formulas to use for my glazes. I use wheel-thrown, porcelain bodies to create forms that reflect the delicate balance found in nature with the intricate beauty of the glazes."





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