Janice Kissinger - Rehoboth MA

My love of beautiful clothes dates to three influences in the 1970s - specifically National Geographic Magazine, Barbie and my big sister. I remember spending hours pouring over those magazines (they were in a cupboard in our family room, right under the goldenrod dial telephone) filled with pictures of pots of powdered dyes, batiks drying in the desert and mysterious women, veiled and bejeweled. The rest of my hours were spent dressing Barbie, getting every last detail just right for her glamorous events and watching my sister, nine years older, sew, shop and read fashion magazines with her gaggle of all-grown-up friends. Hence my incongruent love of international textiles, hard, dirty work and all things pretty. An admitted Indophile, I found a wonderful Indian man to marry, and have indulged in immersing myself in the religions, culture, music, food and textiles of that amazing place. While visits are too infrequent, he has a warm family that encourages my glee.





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