Marianne Hunter - Rancho Palos Verdes CA

All works are one-off.  Jewelry that is also sculpture/wall object. Enamel full range of color, shading & detail requires 12-100+ successive firings of very thin ground enamel layers applied dry by sifting or knife point. Other Material: collaborative sculpted vessels, metal,found object, feather, fossil, stone/pearl,shell. meteor,antiquities, antique pieces, beads.  Metal work:  hand-fabricated, textured, engraved to present enamels  & materials in a painterly continuation of narrative.  Pieces are completed w/ engraving on reverse of piece #, metals, title poem I’ve written for it, dated & signed. Collaborations with sculptor/husband. 24kt gold for all of bezels & most (90%) other soldered decorative appliqués. some colored golds, 14kt, 18kt, Argentium silver.





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