Michael  Bauermeister- Augusta MO

Imagine wooden columns, taller than a man, broad at the top and tapering to the base. One is first impressed by stature and scale; they vary in height from a few feet to taller than eight. Then one discovers their surfaces, the pattern and detail and that each is utterly distinct from the others. Bauermeister is a sculptor working in wood. He carves, paints, scorches and stains it.. The character of the wood itself is less interesting to him than its material properties. It is infinite in its possible treatments. Michael Bauermeister has developed a unique process to create his works. Concentric rings are cut from a wide board, stacked and laminated to form a tapering column. The column may then be carved and sanded. Tool marks may be left visible or are sometimes smoothed off completely. Bauermeister uses a variety of finishes and surface treatments, and frequently applies color to the work.





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