David Bacharach- Cockeysville MD

All of my work begins as a sketch, quickly executed, on any handy surface. (I once used scrap plywood, drawing the outline of a street person with duct tape.) I record from multiple points of view; streets, buildings, people and landscapes. Supplementing these with photographs, I layer the resulting 2 dimensional images as if each were an individual transparency. The result is an initial, amalgamated drawing that emerges, appearing like a photograph which has been double exposed. The purpose of each initial drawing is to capture a "time point". The light, form and essence of a subject, viewed simultaneously from multiple points of view, at a specific moment. In addition to 2-dimensional records, I gather and catalogue street flotsam and jetsam, like others might gather shells from a beach. The salvaged street and woodland detritus along with it's "time point" drawing ferment in great piles, filling my studio and office. Time passes, shapes emerge, suggestions for marks, perforations and extrusions appear and recede. Ideas are left to stew for days, occasionally years, until a form emerges that builds upon the strengths of the "time point" and collected materials, serving to harmonically draw volumes together creating a balanced composition.





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