Blind Auction Fundraiser

Have fun and support a great cause! Bid on work donated by show artists to help raise funds for the ArtStart MFA Scholarship for the East Carolina University School of Art and Design.

How it Works

We'll have a booth set up with works of art, and each piece will have a minimum bid amount. Write your bid on a slip, as long as it's over the minimum, and drop it into the box in front of the item. At the close of the show we'll empty the bid boxes and the highest bid wins.
It's fun and easy! You never know what others have bid, so take your best shot. To increase your chances of winning, you can bid on more than one item.

100% of the proceeds will go into the scholarship fund for
East Carolina University.

Below is a list of artists who have donated to the auction. We appreciate their support - and yours!

(auction item may differ from photo)

Lucrezia Bieler - Booth 332

Susan Bradley - Booth 107

Jim Cohen - - Booth 121

Stephan Cox - - Booth 101

Cara & Jason DesJardins-Booth 111

Laura Fisher-Bonvallet - Booth 130

Gartner/Blade - Booth 258

Betsy Giberson - Booth 334

Wendolyn Hammer - Booth 205

Aaron Hequembourg - Booth 319

Katherine Houston - Booth 324

Wes Hunting - Booth 202

Janice Kissinger - Booth 326

Cliff Lee - Booth 308

Ikuzi Teraki/Jeanne Bisson - Both 134

Elaine Unzicker - Booth 105

Raffle tickets also available!

$100 gift card donated by Bakersfield Tacos
and Marylou Ozbolt-Storer - Booth 209